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Vehicle Display Screen (CJXP12-07D)

Dot matrix of vehicle display is 96*32, support all words of traffic management, with software of word input and format, message text input random. LCD operation control is used for the vehicle display screen, set the word and flicker way in the cab directly.

Portable Electronic Message Signs are all wind-loading approved, double layers trailer allows to be forklifted, and also heavy duty standard couplings allows our CJXP12-07D to be towed by most vehicles, CJXP12-07D variable message signs must be your best choice for using outdoors.

Product Introduction

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    Folding easy lifting holder is selfcome. Whole frame of display used aluminium material, nice appearance,water proof, quake proof.

    Use direct currenc, no noise pollution, low power consumption of display system, electricity supplied by vehicle storage battery directly, no need for motor.

    High light, big view( at±60°horizontal) brightness adjustable to meet the LED display in the sun, under a variety of environmental night, fog, rain, etc. all do an effective display.

    Edit the picture and work by software of display screen,send to the controller for store by USB directly after finish edit(99pc can be stored,direct and easy),choose the word in the controller which going to display by press”send” key。

    Long work life, resistance to vibration, work life is 50,000 hours or more, may meet in continuous vibration environment.