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Sealcoating Material

Carbonyte is designed according to one kind of ion suspension system, there repulsive force between asphalt grain, mineralor and refine aggregate, same as the magnet,which becomes a unique suspension system.

Meanwhile,Carbonyte also change the molecular organization of emulsified asphalt, improved the ductility greatly, increased the softening point, more adhesion on the surface of mineralor.

Solve the dissolution problem. When it is solid, after moisture leave the mixture, it is cross-link between each other inside the material, which there is strong protection exist.

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    A mineral filled asphalt emulsion pavement sealer designed for sealcoating, protecting and beautifying all types of asphalt and blacktop driveways, parking lots and more. A regular scheduled sealcoating program utilizing MasterSeal will more than double the life of your asphalt and blacktop.

    Sealcoating is the protective coat that helps extend asphalt pavement life by providing a hard barrier between the asphalt pavement and the elements that work to damage it. Sealcoating is recommended every 2 to 3 years depending on the weight of traffic. Sealcoating sealer contains Latex additives and silica sand for durability. Sealcoating not only extends the life of the asphalt pavement but also reduces maintenance cost. Sealcoating should be part of your regular property maintenance