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Refine surface process is one kind mechanization surface sealing art by using the combined materials with emulsifie, SBS,SBR,tire rubbers and fine aggregate.Because of the good operation and controllability, also the increases of raw asphalt material,for the maintenance cost,this process is more and more widely used all over the world.

Gaoyuan is an ISO9001:2000 certified automatic asphalt distributor manufacturer, located in China. With years spent expanding our product line, we are able to offer a wide range of asphalt distributors, to suit each customer's needs. On this page, we provide one models of our automatic asphalt distributor: Intelligent Sealcoating SLC.

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    The intelligent nozzle has strong atomization capability so that the asphalt could be evenly sprayed and the pavement could withstand more pressure and water penetration.

    PLC regulating spray volume automatically

    Imported heat-resistance seal elements

    Burner hood of optimization design preventing damages by asphalt eruption through manhole