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Crack Sealing Tape

Crack Sealing Tape - A self-adhesive, cold applied, polymer modified, high tack bituminous tape. It has a quick release film on one side and is produced in roll form. Crack tape is used for surface sealing of open cracks (up to 5mm width) on asphalt and concrete pavements and can be used as a pretreatment before being overlayed.

This asphalt driveway repair fabric goes on like a big roll of tape to patch, seal and waterproof in one easy step, and it lasts for years! Made of heavy-duty, asphalt-saturated polypropylene fabric, Driveway Medic works where liquid crack-filler fails. Just cut Driveway Medic with a utility knife and press in place over small or large cracks; you can walk or drive on it immediately.

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    Doan series crack sealing tapes are combined of advanced production technology and special adhesive material which can be used for variety of surface layer and sub-grades maintenance. Pasted the crack sealing tape on sub-grades or surface cracks, to form a high strength waterproof layer on the cracks, it protected the surface layer and sub-grades stability, delayed the appearance of pavement reflection cracks.

    Provides a fast, non-volatile method for sealing seams and adhering similar/dissimilar composites/structures. Used to transition existing asphalt surfaces to new asphalt. Aggressively bonds to steel, HDPE, concrete and asphalt. The sealing tape's reinforced mastic membrane is used for road joint and crack repair as well as piezoelectric traffic counter installation. The sealing tape is a specially formulated rubberized mastic with a peel-able protective release film, backed with a high strength, heat resistant woven polypropylene fabric