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Hot Crack Seal is a long-term, cost effective way to maintain the life of your pavement. It can be used on highways, city streets, parking lots, airports and residential driveways. It seals the cracks from water intrusion and other damaging factors. Material is applied hot to create a bond with the existing pavement as a defense against pavement deterioration.

The most important cost effective process to maintain your existing pavement,Prevents sand, stones and dirt from entering into open cracks causing compressive stresses,Prevents water from entering and weakening the sub base and asphalt,Prevents or delays pothole formation Reduces the damage from freeze-thaw cycle

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    1、SECURITY AND HUMANIZATION DESIGN Loadbearing system of light truck tire improved the moving security greatly.The heating bin for sealing gun is equiped at the tail of engine kettle.The switch of material pump is equiped at the handle of sealing gun,which easier to operate.

    2、Centralized control box of temperature Double digital LCD temperature controller:timingly display and adjust the temperature of heat transger fluid,sealing glue and flexiable tube,which intuitively and exactly.

    3、Sealing gun Original design of electric switch on the handle of sealing gun can control the material pump long-rong,reduce the waste of sealing glue.