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Command Display System (CJXP12-04D9)

CXP04D9 Command and display system with automatic lifting function, equipped with a LCD controller, automatic memory storage capability allows simultaneous with content on the screen.

PORTABLE ADVERTISING LED DISPLAY Portable Lights 's Amber, and/or Color Portable VMS Trailers are made to the highest quality standards in our ISO9001:2008 qualified manufacturing facility. You can design and create any colorful traffic message with graphic symbols, text or graphics combined, make multiple message screens and even create simple animations with amber or 5 colors.

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    LED warning light equiped at all sides and corners of the system, speakers is optional.

    Good appearance, reasonal construction,easy operation,full function,can be widly used in the mobile opereations as traffic police’ duty, emergency project and accident investigation.

    Oversized display screen with 96×32 dot matrix, display area 930mm×296mm;

    With controller of big LED screen, backlight, can be operated day or night anytime anywhere