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Product Details

Chip Sealer

There are about dozens of unique technologies been applied on our chip sealer(thirteen of which are patent protected with two of international patents). It can be used in the pavement construction for under sealing coat and upper sealing coat; the construction of wearing course for new and old pavement; the chip sealing construction of asphalt pavement; and also to spray or spread the asphalt and chips separately.

Product Introduction

  • Features
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  • Advantages

    1.The unique design of spray nozzles can do triple-overlapping spray.

    2.The effective adhesion of asphalt and chips.

    3.Spraying(spreading) quantity will not be affected by truck speed

    4.The weight balance of combined aggregate bin is reasonable.

    5.Perfect asphalt system can meet spraying demand of all asphalt.

    6.Heating and circulating system can ensure asphalt pipeline and nozzles unblocked.